Mindful • Wellness

My name is Lani Catherine and five years ago, I threw out the book of how I was taught to live and decided to make my own way. This site is a reflection of that work; of my journey and what I've learned. I'm sharing it with you because sharing feels like the best way to say

I see you. You’re not alone”.

Mindful • Wellness for me, is about choosing a whole-hearted, centered approach to living. It’s an active action.

Mindfulness is about being present in the now, in this moment right here. Take a deep breath, through your nose, and feel the air move. Note that it goes in cool. Now exhale and feel it come out warmer. Now imagine what your life would be like if everything had that level of awareness and focus. Mindfulness is a muscle and it can be trained.

Wellness is a way of “be”ing; of moving through the world understanding your specific wiring and organizing your life to support your best self. What does your world look like? Is it working for you? What could be upgraded? Helping you answer these questions drives me.

Who I Am...

A woman. A mom. A giver. I believe in goodness and beauty. I believe life is meant to be lived whole-heartedly. I help people who want to feel confident and tuned-in as they move through the world and navigate change.

What I Do...

There’s a lot here. I like to mix it up. From business consulting to Reiki healing and Tarot card reading. My list of favorites can be found here.

Why I Do It...

You are not alone. This is a place to be completely and authentically you, without shame, guilt or judgement. I share vulnerable and authentic stories of my life experiences because I want you to be inspired and feel safe showing up, exactly as you are.

To Live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all.

- Oscar Wilde