April 11

A townhouse, an alchemist and a raven

April 11, 2019

In July of 2018, the date of my last blog, I was saying goodbye to the first house I had purchased as a divorced mom of two little girls, shortly before I took an abrupt departure from my corporate career (and my self confidence incidentally, but that’s another story). 

Since I’ve shared last, I’ve moved homes twice. From my owned property of ~ 3200 sq. feet to a ~ 1500 sq. foot rental townhouse and from the townhouse to a rental house that’s 9.8 miles West and now walking distance to my daughter’s schools, all within a nine month window. 

Needless to say, when downsizing to the degree that we did, there is an element of purging that has to happen. Not to mention the work and effort involved in moving twice in a short window, which ushered in, as you might have guessed, even more of a release. 

When I wrote the last blog, I had no idea where my girls and I were headed. I couldn’t have predicted we’d end up in my youngest’s daughter’s best friend’s previous rental. I could also not have predicted my relationship both to material things, to coping mechanisms (like alcohol) and to myself would change so drastically. 

Sitting in my office, typing this blog, I feel more at home than I have felt in the 20 years I’ve lived in WA state. Both physically in the space I’m in with my butter-colored walls and windows that were built in the 40s, but also in my own body, heart, mind and soul. 

I started 2018 with a friend asking me (electronically) if he could do anything for me, what would I ask for. The words I typed were “Material and location freedom as a single mom with two kids.” Asked and answered my dear reader but oh my, I wish I had put some qualifiers in that request regarding ease and pace. I also know, well enough by now, if I had, I might not have gotten here and it has been SO worth it. 

Shedding, as I have, over the last 9 months, has also created such incredible space for “new” to arrive in the form of people, ideas and yes, in some instances material things. I’ll give you the bullet point highlights, each of which could easily be a blog in their own right but for now…highlights:

  • I did some deep work with a powerful and gifted coach, Lola Pickett. www.lolapickett.com

  • I took Lola’s empatholgoy course (which I can’t recommend enough) if you’re an empath and/or in a relationship (of any sort) with one.

  • I traveled to Paris, France, a bucket list trip, for the first time.

  • I started writing a book.

  • I started studying alchemy, which, I discovered is at the heart of who and what I am; I am an alchemist. 

  • I created a multi-media piece of poetry that was a gift for my brother and his new wife; putting my writing out in the world in a more unique way (that also feels more vulnerable). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NTCcoAJEMzI&t=1s

  • I stepped into a deeper level of wisdom regarding my use/abuse of alcohol and have successfully started a sober curious journey.

  • My heart was activated when I very unexpectedly fell in love with a man I grew up with (the relationship ended quickly; the activation was the key element).

  • I started my work as an executive coach for Amazon employees.

  • I started doing Reiki for dogs as a volunteer at the Seattle Humane. This work has transformed (read: deepened, broadened, strengthened) my skills as energy healer. 

  • I discovered pieces of my life that I miss from my corporate days and began actively searching for more income I love to generate, outside of my personal business, that uses my brain and stretches me in different ways than my coaching and card reading work. (After discovering that there’s so much more room in my days than I originally thought).

And last, but clearly not least, I revamped my business and my product offering so that my brand and my conversation with the world continues to evolve as I do because that, after all, is why I do this work. There’s a new look, a new feel and a new feathered spirit animal.

Life is very rarely the ideal picture that we have in our minds or were told/taught it “should” be. 

My commitment when I started my business and writing was to open the doors to my view of the world. To share my “mess”. To create a place for context, juxtaposition, vulnerability, and honesty. To invite people into a conversation by exposing my truth at a level that felt visceral (to me), in the hopes that others would find a sanctuary; a place where they could come to be who and what they are, authentically, 100% of the time. 

To that end, I’m here, sharing, again and now with new stuff locally and more stuff in the works. 

  • I’ve got a local, upcoming tarot card reading event that I’m thrilled to be at for the second year in a row with an amazing purpose; https://interactive.king5.com/konnected-2019/. Three-card readings for free all evening long during the event.

  • I’m relaunching my healing hours! An hour of guided meditation and reiki, hosted in my new sanctuary. Donation-based so everyone can have access. The schedule is here

  • I’m working on a Self Discovery Library. Think of it like a pocket-Lani. I’m building a resource library, with downloadable workbooks that give you a step-by-step guided list of questions and actions to help you sort through whatever challenge you’re working on with a goal to help you gain some level of clarity for your next steps in conquering that challenge, all at your fingertips and for a fraction of my coaching fees. 

About the author

Lani Catherine is an energy healer and mother who left a 20-year corporate career to dedicate her life to helping others find their path to their life’s purpose and a healed sense of wholeness. She specializes in helping people overcome obstacles and find a sense of harmony + flow.

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