This is me...

It's funny. When I was graduating high school, you only went to beauty school if you couldn't make it to college. So, I got a bachelors degree in business administration and worked my way up to a fairly senior level position in a global travel company, only to find myself of ill health, my marriage failing and lost on my purpose for being. 

It took me about six years from my departure from corporate life and 43 years in chronological terms to find my passion for all things skin. I'd love to share it with you. 

I'm a woman. A mom. A giver. I believe in goodness and beauty. I believe life is meant to be lived whole-heartedly. And I've found the best way for me to help is to give someone the chance to see themselves differently; refreshed and energized.  When you realize investing in your skin is an investment in your self esteem and your confidence, self-care becomes a priority. I'd love to show you how.