This is me...

I gathered some friends, coworkers and colleagues and we talked about my strengths (because knowing oneself is crucial to growth and because it feels GOOD to be loved, recognized and seen). Here’s a few of my faves:

Initiator: I have a knack for finding holes and inefficiencies, and then initiating boundary-pushing programs and processes that then merge into the existing infrastructure for lasting impact. For example, four of my last five corporate roles didn’t exist before me and weren’t backfilled when I left.

Listener: I’m wired to listen deeply and excellent at the art of nuance; hearing (and seeing) the deeper truth helps solve problems at their root.

Catalyst: Never underestimate the value of a fresh set of eyes that’s not afraid to ask why. I once turned a full-time job into a part-time one by eliminating wasted steps and streamlining the rest. It’s so easy to fall back on “it’s always been done that way”.

Communicator: I’m excellent at packaging information that’s easy to understand, quick to produce results and simple to remember. Most of my career has been spent getting a marketing, technology, operational and sales team on the same page and moving in the same direction.

Motivator: I captivate with presence and passion from C-Suite to the line employee, from ten to thousands.  

Giver: I’m passionate about creating exceptional experiences and environments that help individuals overcome barriers.

Learner: I thrive on the process of absorbing, practicing and mastering new information. The more complex and diverse; the better.

Lover of humanity: I believe that behind every great organization are fantastic, capable and committed people.

Mother: I’m consistently honing my communication and negotiation skills with my 9 & 13 year old daughters.

Facilitator: Whether I’m leading a workshop, a corporate event, working with a private client or helping my daughter with her homework, I pride myself in finding the right words to get the lightbulb to turn on.

Intuitive: As a Reiki master, and Tarot reader I’ve developed an entirely different language with the world around us. I trust my instincts, even if they can't be quantified on a spreadsheet. A whole new world opens up when your intuition gets a say.

P.S. If you want to hear my personal story, you can listen to my radio interview (recorded at the very start of my journey) below or hop on over to the blog and poke around. It doesn’t get more open, real or vulnerable than this.