What do you fill holes with?

Imagine you are lost, tired and starving. Lips parched. Eyesight playing tricks on you. Thoughts in your head that you can’t sort or organize because they have no beginning and no ending but each one feels more ominous and heavy than the last. Now imagine you stumble suddenly out of the darkness onto a stream


I Just Got Schooled by a Podcast

What I’m about to share is all fairly fresh so I’m going to do my best to work through my experience while I’m communicating. Typically, I’ll write when I’ve already finished the processing part of my self-discovery and I understand it all. That’s when I sit down to write; after the processing. This feels –


5 Reasons Why Your Divorce is a GOOD Thing

I’ve been divorced for a little over five years now. And while I still get a little emotional around what would have been my wedding anniversary; it’s because my life has changed so dramatically and in so many beautiful ways. I’m emotional with gratitude for the experiences I’ve lived, both before and after. I’m not


What a difference a decade makes

HMD….That’s what the subject line of the email said. Curious, I clicked on the message and immediately regretted my choice to do so. It was from him.  Have you ever made a decision or a choice that in hindsight you realized was incredibly stupid? That’s the story of how this email ended up in my


A townhouse, an alchemist and a raven

In July of 2018, the date of my last blog, I was saying goodbye to the first house I had purchased as a divorced mom of two little girls, shortly before I took an abrupt departure from my corporate career (and my self confidence incidentally, but that’s another story).  Since I’ve shared last, I’ve moved


Stepping into the unknown

I remember when I first got divorced, a friend who had also been through a divorce told me that “all the firsts” were particularly painful. First holidays, first anniversaries, first birthdays etc. were a challenge and then, after a while, what was awkward becomes normal.  I’m reflecting on this idea now because what’s most poignant


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