Activating Your Body's Natural Healing Abilities

On my journey to understand more about how my body acts as an antennae, I studied energy medicine and became a certified Reiki Master. The program I took was a year-long deep dive into many intuitive and energy modalities. At the end, the focus was solely on Usui Reiki and the certification at the Master level, meaning I'm capable of teaching.

Reiki is a form of energy-medicine similar to acupuncture but without the needles. My hands, acting as “magnets” (in Etch-a-sketch fashion) bring energy into your body to re-align your energy systems to alleviate pain, clear out stagnant energy and boost your body’s natural healing capacities. You walk away feeling a bit like you just fell into a deep sleep or meditation. Clients report a renewed sense of resilience, physical energy, lightness and clarity.

If you’ve been looking for a natural and non-invasive supplement to your existing wellness practices, Reiki is a fantastic addition.

Sessions last approximately 1.5 hours. $105