The Mystery (and fun!) of Tarot
Accessing Energy through Pictures

One of my favorite (and most fun) ways to help you is through Tarot and Oracle card readings. This might seem odd, and for some, the connotations of Tarot might bend towards something prophetic or "dark". Cards, for me, are a visually beautiful way to translate ones's energy into images and creates a mutual starting place for a deep and powerful conversation. 

Tarot and Oracle cards are designed to gather the energy from you (the Readee) and create pictures that I (the Reader) can use to help you sort out whatever is most important for you to know during our session. I can read cards in person or virtually via an online meeting room.  

Most of my regulars prefer a reading from time to time, when they feel the need for something extra to help with a tough decision or some additional guidance.  Some of my clients take advantage of an annual spread that gives you two cards each month to guide your entire year around their birthdays or the calendar new year. I can also come to your hosted party and do mini readings for whoever wants to participate. You can also find me at events around town like the King 5 Konnected event annually in April.